We make equipment rentals effortless.

Equipped lockers give you access to everything you need, where you work, play, and stay.

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Our Lockers

With Equipped lockers, you can easily borrow high-end equipment in parks, apartments, offices and more. No more missing out, because you didn’t buy or bring something with you! Equipped lockers are durable, versatile, and controlled with your smartphone. Just open the locker, borrow what you need, and return it when you’re done - it’s that easy!


Pilot Programs

We’re running a limited number of pilot programs in parks, apartments and other partners around the Bay Area. If you want to see an Equipped locker in your neighborhood, contact us!


Our Mission

Make the most of your community spaces by having what you need, where you need it.


About Us


Dan Mandelman

Co-Founder & CEO

Navjot Singh

Co-Founder & CTO

More information coming soon - contact us for details about getting Equipped!